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Black-box seminar 3: Methods for personalised explanations

  • Norsk Regnesentral 23A Gaustadalléen 0373 Oslo Norway (map)

Where: Norsk Regnesentral, meeting room Alfa/Omega
Who is invited: Big Insight partners. Registration is not necessary.

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Technical level: 4/6 Language: English if needed

• Repetition from seminar 1 (but in greater detail):
       o What is a personalised explanation of a model’s prediction?
       o Why is it in general difficult to explain even seemingly simple models?
• Known methods for explanations of general, black-box models for classification, scoring, etc. and why they are desirable or not
• How to deal with dependent variables (results from current Big Insight research)
• A plan for how to explain models where the input is one or several time series
• Remaining challenges (with open discussion)