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Dr. Stephan Ossowski - Sven Furberg Seminar in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genomics

Speaker: Dr. Stephan Ossowski, Group Leader at the Institute for Medical Genetics and Applied Genomics, University of Tübingen, Germany

Location: Kristen Nygaards Hus, Lille Auditorium, Gaustadalléen 23A

Title: Computational Analysis of NGS Data for Clinical Diagnostics

Meeting Dr. Ossowski
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In this talk, I will discuss the development and application of computational methods for clinical diagnostic sequencing. I will introduce machine learning and statistical approaches for the prioritization of causal variants for rare genetic diseases and for the identification of cancer driver genes using signatures of selection found in tumor genomes. Furthermore, I will introduce novel Nanopore sequencing-based methods used for epidemiologic analysis of outbreaks of multi-drug resistant bacteria, de novo assembly of genomes and identification of horizontal gene transfer of antimicrobial resistance genes.  Finally, I will show how these methods are translated to clinical praxis at the University Hospital Tübingen.

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Prof. Stephan Ossowski

Prof. Stephan Ossowski