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STATISTICS Seminar: Li-Chun Zhang

Location: Seminar Room 819, Niels Henrik Abels Hus, 8th floor

Speaker: Li-Chun Zhang, Professor of Social Statistics at the Department of Social Statistics and Demography of the University of Southampton and Professor II at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Oslo

Title: Graph Sampling

Abstract: For a statistical approach to graphs one may choose to model the entire population graph as a random realisation, or to exploit the variation over possible sample graphs taken from a given fixed population graph. Graph sampling theory deals with the latter perspective. In this talk, we synthesise the existing fragmented theory of graph sampling. We propose a formal definition of finite-graph sampling, and provide a classification of potential graph parameters. We develop a general approach of Horvitz-Thompson estimation to T-stage snowball sampling, and present a united BIG-reformulation of so-called “network" sampling methods in the literature in terms of the outlined graph sampling theory.