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Biostatistics seminar: Andrea Riebler

Welcome to a biostatistics seminar at Domus Medica!

Guest lecturer: Andrea Riebler, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU

When: Wednesday May 30th, from 13:15 to 14:15
Where: Domus Medica, OCBE seminar area in dep. of Biostatistics

Title: Towards modelling complex survey data in a Bayesian setting

Abstract: In this talk I would like to present recent work on modelling under-5 mortality in a developing world context. The challenge in this analysis is that in this context there is only limited or deficient vital registration and data are based mostly on survey data. I will present a new Bayesian continuous space/discrete time model that acknowledges the complex survey design. The methodology will be illustrated by producing yearly subnational estimates in Kenya for the period 1980-2014 using data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS). I will shortly link ideas from this work to two other branches of my current research. First, the application of multivariate age-period-cohort models to individual-based data arising from survey studies and second, the design of joint penalised complexity priors for Bayesian hierarchical models.