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Wednesday Lunch: Håvard Nygård

Speaker: Håvard Nygård, Research Director, PRIO

Title: Peacekeeping Operations and the intensity of violence in internal armed conflicts.

Abstract: We examine the effect of UN Peacekeeping Operations (PKOs) on the intensity of violence seen in civil wars. Reducing the intensity of violence is a core objective of PKOs but we still lack a proper understanding of how PKOs affect the underlying latent conflict-process. Using event-level data for all civil wars from 1989 to the present, we develop a Bayesian hierarchical modelling framework that allows us to study how deploying a PKO affects the intensity, i.e. the escalatory (and de-escalatory) patterns of violence, in these conflicts.

The lunch starts at 12:00, and the talk will start around 12:20.

NB: Wednesday BigInsight Lunches are open to staff and students from any of the BigInsight partners, including UiO, but not to others.

Location: Spiseriet, Norwegian Computing Center