Innovation Objectives are defining projects

Each Innovaton Objective is now in the phase when precise reserach projects are defined and working groups are created. If you wish to join, contact us! Names and emails are here:

  1. Personalised marketing: PI: Kjersti Aas (  and co-PI: Arnoldo Frigessi (
  2. Personalised screening, health and patient safety: PI: Magne Thoresen ( and co-PI: Clara Cecilie Günther (
  3. Fraud detection: PI: Anders Løland ( and co-PI: Håvard Rue (
  4. Sensor based monitoring: PI: Ingrid Glad ( and co-PI: Magne Aldrin (
  5. Forecasting power market and the smart power system: PI: Alex Lenkoski ( and co-PI: Arne Bang Huseby (