Inauguration of BigInsight and SIRIUS


From left: Arvid Hallén director of The Research Council of Norway, Kjersti Aas codirector of BigInsight and from the Norwegian Computing Centre, Arild Waaler director of SIRIUS and Dilek Ayhan, state secretary from The Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway. Photo: Bjarne Røsjø, UiO.

The formal inauguration ceremony of the two centers for research based innovation (sfi) focusing on big data, BigInsight and Siriuswas held on Thursday 19th May by the state secretary from the Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway, Dilek Ayhan and the director of The Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén.

- Data is the new natural resource, which we must get better at exploiting. The centers will contribute to this in their own way: SIRIUS by making it easier to gain access to the right data and Big Insight by analyzing data and developing new solutions for the knowledge economy.

SIRIUS is a centre financed by the Research Council of Norway that brings leading companies in the IT and oil and gas sector together with the University of Oslo, NTNU, Simula Research Laboratory and the University of Oxford. The aim of the centre is to deliver research that advances the digitalisation of Norwegian industry, with a starting point in the oil and gas sector. 

BigInsight analyses large amounts of complex data, in a consortium of partners in the private, public and research sectors, by developing novel statistical and machine learning methodologies. We meet the challenges of the current data revolution by developing the analytical tools needed to extract knowledge from complex data and deliver big insight. We focus on two central themes: personalised solutions and prediction of changes in complex models.

Both centers received the official sfi plaquette. Congratulations to our cousin SIRIUS!

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